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El Burgo Ranero Refugio

El Burgo Ranero Refugio

It was a cold and stormy night. Pilgrims are writing in their diaries as the rain pelted down outside.

I started a fire with some wood left in the Rufugio, however we ran out quickly, so I went outside and ended up scavaging a pallet to burn.

Hmm, the fireplace could do with a bit of a clean.

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Hay Bales

Hay Bales

This is this part of the Camino where you walk along a straight dusty hot stifling road for about 20-30 kilometres. I drives you mad. However the yellow brown round haybales set against the solid blue sky was just waiting to have its photo taken.

Hmm, I wonder why one of the towns is called Carrion de los Condes.

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Church Carvings at Fromista

Church Carvngs at Fromista

Interesting carvings on the columns of the Fromista Church. Dragons and monsters and deamons and whatnot.

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