Hiya got back from Halong Bay today, (Sapa before that) . blimey those hill people are a pain in the a%%. they wait outside your hotel until you come out then they follow you until you buy something (even if it takes an hour). they even follow you on your walking tour. it was raining when we did our 12km walk down the rice
paddy hills, so having a hill person attached to my hip wasn’t so bad as she helped me on the slippery bits. i did have to buy a bag off her though and i’m sure i overpaid. Sapa was beautiful though, and Halong Bay stunning also.

Zee is in Halong Bay still, doing some rock climbing so Richard and i will do a bit of shopping tomorrow. hopefully, just waiting to find out from travel agent what our baggage allowance is, as we may be cutting it fine due to new shoes etc.

thing is i want to get anything i may need over here as is cheaper than in NZ, at the same time it’s hard spending so much money. oh well i’m sure i’ll get over it. :)

love you, and miss you
off to bed now as is 10pm and i’m tired today. gotta have a shower and do
some washing first.

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