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The Richard Epic

Hi! I’m Richard Maxwell,

You might remember me from such films as “Max does handstands”, or “Hanging up the phone in three easy steps”. I’m here today to explain my exploits to date, and I hope that you enjoy my ramblings.


Anyway, I know how boring reading a big long letter can be, so Ill try and split it into easily digestible parts.

Geri (my Girlfriend) and I left New Zealand on the 18th of May. We flew Air NZ, via Tonga, to Hawaii. We stayed there overnight before departing for Vancouver, where we met Geraldine’s sister Francine who took us to Edmonton, which is where we are staying at the moment.

That’s about it. So have fun.

See you later!

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Ricky The Eager Beaver

Ricky the Eager Beaver

Mmm, Fibre.

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You Looking at Me?

You Looking At Me?

That is one. Big. Bison.

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