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¿Que Pasa?

Oh Dear.

If I was to write an “Epic” now, following off from our last one, I would be typing for weeks, the result been a small novel!

So this is gonna be a brief summary.
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The Richard Epic Trilogy, Part 3


Its Friday, we leave Tomorrow morning for Vancouver, Alaska, London, Paris, Spain.
This is the last you will hear from us in a while, thanks for listening, and REPLYING! With NEWS! So we have EMAILS TO READ. (Aside) Hehe, I think they get the point Geri.

The Clock
14km Buffalo
The Fort
Beer, Boston and Computer Games
Road Trip
Cold Stuff
Banff and the Bull Elk
To be Continued?
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Peter and the Bull Elk

Peter and the Bull Elk
Heh, thats a bit too close to a bull elk Peter…

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