Bah, cant find a job


Hehe, the two reasons are
1) Not enough experience
2) The client wants a contract to permanat role, and with your 2 year visa, your unsuitable for the job.


anywho. I recieved my student loan bill (thanks), however its no use to me, cos I dont have my NZ cheque book with me, so off it goes back home again so that dad or mum and sign the cheque for me. So when it comes to tax or bill matters, could you please just email me the amount, cos ill have to get you to write the cheqes for me back home.

I wish ive been keeping a diary on my return to london, cos some funny and freaky shit has happened, but as per usual I cant remember. Like a “cake on” made up india girl on the tube listening to some music on her walkman. She starts bobbing her head to the music, then starts gyrating, then POLE DANCES! wtf? man did the entier tube give her weird looks, not that she cared, she was having too much fun gyrating…(mmm, gyrate). I got a free ticket to see the last ever pumpkins concert by Michael Hudson, it was pretty cool. We have moved right next to london arena, where in the past week or so there has been britinay spears, 2 ice hockey games, robbie williams, the Who, and a few other name acts I cant remember the name on, gee its non stop concerts there, like every 2nd day.

The SAs we are living with are completly un house trained, Geri reckons that they must all have had maids back home cleaning up their mess. They all buy TV dinners and when I cook they call _ME_ a master chef, cos all the food I made looks _GORMET_ (sp?). FFS WTF? This is the person who couldnt cook to save his live 6 months ago (tommorrow is the 6mth anniversay of us leaving, 6mths eh?).

Geri is busy at work, and the boss already loves her, saying shes kick arse with customer service. Still havnt finished my camino diary and shit.

erm. yea.



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