Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow :-)

Merry Xmas all and a Happy new Year.

Ive been slack with the emails recently, mostly because ive only gotten regular(ish) access to email recently.

First Snow

Come 6:41am and I was rudly awoken by the alarm watch that sits on the shelf next to Geri’s head. Running though the actions of my recently formed morning routine, I walk down stairs, go the the bathroom, and continue to the ground floor to prepare breakfast. Frosted flakes, musily and a sliced banana, accompanied with a nice hot chocolate. I walk upstairs to the first floor, through the sitting room and I look out the window to the outside world.

It was white.

I bound up the 2nd flight of stairs to our room (well, bound as much as someone who just got woken up at 6:41am can) and opened the door to our room.

“Geri, look outside”, I remark to the shadow in my bed.
“grhurmph, uerrrr, what?”
“Just look”

As I eat my breakfast in our room, Geri hurredly put on her jacket and pants and wooly white hat, gloves and other cold weather paraphenalia. She is eager as a 5 year old upon first seeing snow, wanting to go outside and play. She skips out of the room as I was drinking my nice warm chocolate.

I put on my own jacket, brush my teeth, do my hair and go downstair to the kitchen to fetch my lunch. Prepared the night before, I have the normal two buns, apple, and 2 mandirins, however I also have the bonus of two turkey drumsticks (a casualty of Xmas day). Hmm, 7:17, just in time to catch the 7:20 D.L.R.

I open the front door.
Oh, Nice shot Geri. Pity you hit the door with your snowball instead of me (haha, yea right :-)
Geri wants to take some photos, so we quickly take some of Geri and I standing next to snow covered cars and the white Glengall Grove road.

Slave to my Routine I rush off to the DLR, catching the 7:23 DLR, saying goodbye to Geri, while slipsliding all over the white snowgreased footpath. Cool.

Everyone at the flat, bar me, took the day off work. They went to Mudshoot farm and played in the snow, while I spent 2 hours communting to my job in Kent. However its payday today (hoping) and the view from my 45 minute train was full of a white winter wonderland.

Have a safe new year, dont drink and drive and I love you all
-Richard Maxwell

p.s. Geri, could you please send this email to all thouse we have met on our travels, as I havnt yet added them to my addressbook. Thanks love.

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