Geri in the Sky with DiamondsHi guys, it turns out I haven’t given the run down on Richards and my trip to Italy. I’ve got 10 minutes. On Saturday the 3rd? of Feb we flew from Stansted airport to a place near Verona beginning with B. :)

Village LifeWe were to enjoy the weekend with 3 friends who also live in london (about 10 minutes walk from us). We flew over the alps, it was awesome and i took a couple of photos from the aeroplane. WE then arrived at the airport beginning with ‘B’ and took a bus to Verona, the journey was about 1 hour. from verona we took a train to Vicenza about a 45 minute journey. and from there we took a small public bus to Michael’s (our friends) Grandmothers house. It was in a small village at the base of the mountains that lead to the Dolomites and Alps(i think) . we had pizza the first night and a few drinks and gelato and sorbet and and and. yuuum. i must mention all the locals stared at us wherever we went, with open mouths hanging on to every word we said. the next day we bought a big slab of cheese on the way into the mountains at a place called Asiago. TrampersWe strolled around the town, bought some hiking boots for morgan and then went hiking in the mountains. Starting from a little hostel beside a frozen lake. Thick snow was all over the ground and it was a really neat experience. The sound of leaves crunching under snow was also cool. We walked down into a gorge and along the frozen stream all the way to a viaduct where our markers disappeared. We decided to climb a steep hill/cliff (don’t worry we have travel insurance) stop off for a beer and then coffer and sorbet at the end. a great hike. Night Courtpizza again in a town called Monaseca? there is a big castle on the hill and part of the town is enclosed in the wall. we climbed up to th castle at midnight, which turned out to be make-out point, he he he. STEAMY WINDOWS

ahhhh running out of time. next day we said goodby to michaels friends/rellies, they made us have espresso with grappa in it and cake. yum. Instead of saying the little girl was shy he used the masculine version so the old man thought richard was saying he was shy he he he he.
we then went to the local markets, bought our italy badge for our back packs, i bought a cool fluffy red wine coloured vest. made it back to Verona just in time for the bus. went to the airport and flew home.

Vicenza at Nightsorry a very boring run down on our trip. no doubt ricky will do a better story with a bit more time put into it.
miss you all

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