Hello from the Maxwells

Hey Guys!

Long time, no mass email. Why? Cos we aint travelling, thats why!

Fighting the daily battle of Auckland inner surburbia, avoiding house mums in stupid 4×4s, gossiping about workmates, and being snowed under with housework is the norm these days. However there is change on the horizon.

We are going to South America!

Thats right, Geraldine, My Mother Jenny, and myself are visting another continent. And the intended itinerary is (grab your atlas):
Peru, Machhu Picchu, Macaws in the Amazon Rainforest, Lake Titicaca, Bolivian Saltflats, Chilian Fjords, Southern Patagonia and Torres del Paine.

Now before you get jealous, know that with the exception of the rainforest, most of this ‘holiday’ is done in the middle of winter and at altitude. ¡Moy frio!

In preparation for our travels we are taking private spanish lessons. Geraldine is taking to it like a duck to water, while Im failing behind because im not doing my homework! Heh, make sure you pronounce Año properly, otherwise it’ll sound like the spanish word for anus!

So, with that, I have restarted my website at the easy to remember address of:


have a poke and tell you what you think.

-Richard and Geraldine Maxwell

P.s. Now, since my old website died a horrible death, my new website is a bit bare, however I am slowly rebuilding the new one with all the pictures from the old one (cos I know everyone just LOVES going to our website on a regular basis). For you techno geeks, the added bonuses of the website is that its a blog. therefore you can leave comments, subsribe to rss/atom feeds, and other blog like stuff. It also has a world post map (weee).

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1 Comment

  1. Jake said,
    July 7, 2006 @ 12:55 pm

    he he he, I can’t help but laugh when I read “Titicaca” .. he he he