Pisco and Friends

Heya Guys,

Lima, Pisco and Paracas have two things in common, they are on the shore, and they are in the middle of a desert! Dust and sand everywhere, and not a drop of rain to wash it away.

Geri and I are staying in Pisco at the moment, we are off to Huacachina tommorrow some time in the morning. Huacachina is a desert Oasis, so we are going to have some holiday time instead of traveling time there.


Where is a place to eat?We had a easy time in Lima. We walked around Miraflores for a bit, I bought a purse made by a Peru person for $1 NZ, and Geri bought a painting for $90. Heh, why should I even have a purse if I never open the damned thing? ;-)

On the Sunday, we stumbled across a Parade in Plaza de Armas, but by the time it had finished at 3pm, we were well hungry, so the only thing we had on our mind was searching for a bite to eat. So we missed out on all the Museums, the Catacombs, or the Cathedral. However, we did find lunch, so not all was lost :-)


Jesuit Chuch in PiscoOk, getting up at 6:30am is just a hazard of traveling, stil doesn’t mean we like it. After a 3 hour bus through the desert, we arrived nowhere near the central square in Pisco. Ah well, we easily got a taxi there anyway. We rocked up to the Hotel Belen Hostel as suggested by the Lonely planet and booked a double room with bathroom for 35 Soles / night.

We went walking outside, only to discover there are another two hotel Belens. Hmm, ok. I think they are hostel belen, and backpakers belen, I dunno, I don’t have my notes handy, and my memory sucks.

Spent the Afternoon meandering around. Came across an old Jesuit Chruch that was in a sorry state of repair. Went to the bank, and had some lunch. Then we slept and had a shower, then slept some more I think. Oh thats right. I found the net yesterday, thats where the afternoon went.

Paracas Penisular

SealWe went on a boat trip to the Ballestas Islands. We managed to get the only putput boat when everyone else got speedboats. However that was ok, as it had a canopy, so we didn’t get covered in bird shit. This Guano was used as fertiliser in Medieval times, and was big business, and in some places can be 50 metres deep! Anyway, we took far too many photos of birds and Seals, and saw some penguins, cormorants and pelicans. Spent what time we didn’t spend taking photos, reviewing and deleting them again. I love digital photos.

CrabWe then want on a tour around the Paracas Penisular. First to the cathedral (hole in the rock). We walked along the beach while the guide in his broken english translations dug up some crabs from the sand and showed us. And in the Cathedral itself we saw a sea otter! However it was fast, and it was too dark for us to take any photos. The guide also posed for the ladies and showed them some blue crabs. The walk back to the bus was hard as it was up a 20 metre sand dune! Ouch, did my legs hurt after that. Yup, ready for Machu Pichu.

PellicanWe then went off to the fishing village of Lagunillas to have lunch. However this wasn’t quite for me as I don’t like seafood! What a waste Richard! Anyway, after the bite to eat we went to see some Pink Flamingos. Geri was very excited. Yet she was frustrated again as the viewing platform was a good 200 metres away from the action. Ah well, at least we had binoculars!

After that it was back home (after we nearly got left behind in the Nature meseum).


Richard is Dumb

I forget things. This annoys Geraldine. I forgot to bring a towel, or tshirts, or a hat. So I’m clammy, dirty, and sunburnt.
I forgot my notes, so I can’t remember place names or prices. However maybe thats ok, otherwise this post would be HUGE.

Anyway, it took Me 2 hours to post 3 pictures and write web update. I’ll have to learn how to hurry up doing this internet stuff. Anyway, we love you all, and we will post when we have net again.

-Richard and Geraldine Maxwell

p.s. We had a Pisco Sour in Pisco, how cool is that?

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  1. Jake said,
    August 29, 2006 @ 10:27 am

    Perhaps you should have taken internet lessons before leaving home, and forgone the Spanish ones. Have you fullaz even used the Spanish yet .. oh and did you get those extra memory cards I gave your mum ?