Hiking with Haemerroids in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Strain
Step 2: Get Haemerroids
Step 3: Hike

Well, bloody shitty crappy poo! The reason I havn’t been updating as regular as I could have is a little bit arse.


Bascially, I got Haemerroids just before I had to do the four day hike to Machu Picchu. Then, after that, my Haemerroids burst. Yup: bloody hell. I had to have an emergency operation to cut out what looks like a 3cm aborted featus from my arse. The next day I then flew to the Jungle for a four day expedition up the Rio Tambopata.

If thats not all, Geri has got Cairo Quickstep three times, mum once, and all three of us had got a cold. Geri wanted to murder me cos I was such a miserable barstard, and we all got sick and tired of how dirty Peru was.


Arequipa FiestaNow, with that out of the way, we have been having an absolute corker of a time! I have used up 8GB worth of photos already (I have to consistantly prune just so I can take more photos), we have been to soooo many cool places, and met some really wonderful people, I just can’t stop gushing.

Currently I’m in the witches market of La Paz, Bolivia. Just spent 4 hours on the net updating some photos. I have left out the GPS locations of the photos as that takes me ages to figure out.

Arequipa went off. The parade went on for twelve hours. Geri and Mum got wisked away to dance in the Parade numerous times, and I got to skull back some lovley Chicha! The accomidation of the Spanish style inner courtyard buildings was wonderful and rustic, and mum enjoyed the wine.

We did a Colca Canyon trip and managed to see the famous Andean Condor right upfront and personal. I mean they flew within one metre of the crowds!

Machu PicchuNext stop Cuzco, where Geri got the trots, we did Machu Picchu, my haemerroids burst, I had an operation, we went to the jungle, and saw amazing views in the Sacred Valley. Heh, no-one liked Cuzco cos we all got sick there :-)

The Jungle was actually the best place for me to recover from an operation. Spent over 12 hours lying on my tummie while we crusied the Tambopata to and from the Inotawa Lodge (which was fantastic btw). I just wished I could have snoozed in the hammocks there.

Lake Titcaca is just like Greece, except its cold, and they are not Greek. Did a two day tour of the Islands floating and non-floating before we then went off to Bolivia.

So far Bolivia rocks! Its cleaner than Peru (they actually finish building their houses), and just seems to have a better vibe.

MONKEY ATTACK!We Cycled down the worlds most dangerous road, and it was great. Except the fact we didn’t get full suspension bikes. Oh god, my arse. The best bit was the end, when we discovered The Senda Verde Campgrounds. This place rocks. Go there.

Ok, its now dinner time and Mum and Geri are getting hungry. So I will just have to leave things at that. We are catching an overnighter to Uyuni tonight to see the famous salt flats, while mum flys home.

Love you all
-Richard and Geraldine

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1 Comment

  1. David said,
    May 23, 2007 @ 12:38 pm

    “Then, after that, my Haemerroids burst. Yup: bloody hell. I had to have an emergency operation to cut out what looks like a 3cm aborted featus from my arse.”

    Sheesh. I know I am just an American, but seems like a bit tooooo much information.