Fun Times in KL

we were KL, it was Humid.

I’m in a quandry as to how to update my blog. I can’t really do a nice post every day, so I take notes. But then I get to a computer, have about 4-5 days of notes, and annoying case of writers block!

I was going to write a story about how they left my luggage back in NZ, or how Zee met us at the airport. However after a couple of days reflection, it didn’t seem that interesting.

We stayed the the vacant apartment of Zee’s parents in Cyberjaya (KL’s silicon valley). With a nice view of the distant admin capital of KL, white tile floor, modern darkwood furniture, and ceiling fans it was a really nice place to stay in. It did feel exotic-tropical staying in a place where you have ceiling fans going on all the time :-)

We were unable to avoid scraping the car bottom at our local judderbar each morning, when we had Zee drop us off at the airport in his unintentionally lowered car. we caught the train from Cyberjaya to KL Sentral (R 9.50$ each, 5 and 35 past the hour), and then spent the days wandering around various parts of KL. Hmm, sounds like it’s time for a montage paragraph!

Motorways! Park! Biggest avairy in SE Asia! Peakcocks! Parrots! Eagles! Kites! Thunder! Lightning! No Rain?! Don’t pay R 10$ for a taxi from the avairy to KL Sentral – It should be ~R 5$! Orchid Garden! 200+ Photos! Grafitti! Central Market! Rain! Found the Shopping District when we had no time! KL Towers! KLCC Park! Got Whistled At! Thunder! Lightning! Rain! Sky-Bridge! Soft Toy Dog Photo! MONKEYS! Telecom Tower! Thunder! Rain! No-view! Rain Cleared! View! Humid!

We’ll im all out of imagination, so I’ll have to write about the Batu caves, KLANG gate, the two dead doctors and our weekend in Port Dickson another time.

Ah! great timing, Michael and Geraldine have just walked down the stairs ready for our time at Ankor….


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