Can’t be Bothered

Wow! I thought I would have heaps of time to update my tweets and blog about our intreped adventures.

I didn’t count on the apathy though :-/

Free wifi wasn’t forthcoming, and we had more important things to do then hang out at internet cafes. Infact, I should have kept this holiday lo-fi and just taken a pen and notebook.

So! What have we done? Well, We have ridden on a bamboo train, waded in the Mekong, Slid sideways on a bus going up a clay road in the rain, ridden some elephants, seen clearfelling of rainforrest firsthand, and had some beer. Mmm beer.

Oh, and the record for the most people on transport is 30 people on and in a minivan, with no air-con, for 4 hours. Thats intrepid!

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