Sunny Sapa

we are in Sapa at the moment, up in the hills of northern vietnam. it is raining persistently and today we have to walk 12 km to the villages.
yikes, i don’t have a rain coat. worse still i got told by two people it
is warm here. well, the place is covered in fog and cold and i only have shorts and a small polar fleece.

we have tribe people here in the village trying to sell their stuff, but the bad part is they stand outside your hotel all day and when you leave they follow you for km’s until you buy something. i bought a cushion cover that’s not that great. i part traded a t-shirt for it so only had to pay $6 ha, i can picture it now my cream duvet cover will gradually turn blue from the plant dye in the cushion cover.

tonight we go back to Hanoi on the overnight train then off to Halong Bay straight away tomorrow. then hanoi and home

we are having loads of fun, Zee is such a great travel companion, and he says the same about us which is nice. No disagreements

we were thinking winter will be a nice relief after all the heat but now
that we are in the hills and it’s cccooolllldddd maybe the heat isn’t so
bad after all.

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