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Well, since finishing my second epic nothing much of note has happened.

The weather is getting hotter here. 25+ with a high humidity. However that is not what concerns me, as the temperatures in Spain are 35+.

I’ve finished tweaking my OE page. Both epics are there, accompanied with various scanned photos. Because of this, the pages will be slow to load on a normal dial up connection. just jump to:
[Editor: Link is now dead, use]

Books and Sunglasses

Some day last week, Geri and I decided to roller blade to the travel shop that stocked the YHA Europe hostel guide. Taking an alternative route we bladed through some of Edmonton’s suburbia. Nice.

Got to the store and bought the aforementioned book, and also a nice little spanish book too “Que Pasa”. Hehe, no longer will I be saying
instead I will be saying

Since the travel shop had traveling gear as well as books and travel agents and stuff, Geri and I did the obligatory sunglass shop, as I still have to get sunnys for spain.

Anyhow we found a pair that actually suited me, and as always, it was the most expensive pair. We then roller bladed back home, Only to be picked up by peter 5 mins from home.

hmm, what was the point of telling that? It wasn’t really anything of note was it? Bah, I suppose its inevitable that I ramble at one point in my letters.

pffft, care.

Anyway, Geri and I then started doing some serious research for our visit to vancouver and alaska, and the logistics of getting from heathrow to port-de-peid.


Both Geri and I were sleeping in monday morning when the phone rings. I was more awake than Geri, so I answered it.
“Hi, its Francine here, tell Geri to pack her bags, as we are leaving for boston in 2 hours”


So, Our planned week going to the Klondike days festivities was overtaken by the fact that Geraldine and Francine were flying to Boston for the week. Grrr, lucky Geri.

Well, after convincing Geri that sleeping in would NOT be better than flying to Boston, Geri started packing.After the Taxi arrived, I gave her our Camera, an enveloping hug, and stern instructions to came back speaking fluent spanish (she has the spanish phrase book).

Oh dear, ill have to cook and clean for myself. who’s gonna wipe my bottom for me? *grin*

hint: when cooking with eggs, clean the fry pan STRAIGHT AWAY. Egg is a mother $%@#er to clean after it sets over 2 days.

hint: don’t use a metal scrubber to clean a non-stick fry pan, and then use it to cook eggs, then not clean it for 2 days.

hint: get the woman to cook, cos men suck at it :-)

boys own

Well, since the GFs are out of the way, its time for GUY STUFF. We tried to catch the X-Men, but had the rotten luck to visit the cinemas 10 minutes after it had started, and we were damned if we were gonna wait 2 hours for the next session.

Video store! Well, between the two of us, peter and I have seen every single action and sci-fi movie in the video store (nearly) bah.

walking down the sci-fi isle I mentioned that I haven’t seen alien 4. So we decide to grab that. I then mention that I haven’t seen “the black hole”, walking down the isle we also get saturn 3, the nemesis, the fly (86), and, of course, Evil dead II

Mmmm, sci fi.

staying up late has its perks

Well, after watching saturn 3 (man these old sci-fi programs are wacky) I didn’t feel like going to bed, it been 25 degrees and humid and all. So I flicked channels while peter went off and fulfilled his internet scrabble addictition. I started watching the Three Musketeers on the french channel.

Come 1am, Peter came out of the study and went outside to cool down.
“Hey Richard, you might want to come outside”
I cant be bothered moving, so I just stay there watching charlie sheen speak in french.
“Its the northern lights”
Ok, this im not going to miss! I get up and go outside.

It was a clear summers night, unfortunately the light pollution from Edmonton made it hard to see. I looked at the northern lights, it was way cool. A misty gray stream across the sky, with tints of blue and green. I was expecting some cool space noises to accompany it, guess I’ve watched a bit too many american sci-fi programs.

After standing there for 5 minutes I realised how tired one gets staying up to 1am in the morning. So I call it a night.


I’m hungry. I’m going for leftovers.

-Richard ‘Jodi the Max’ Maxwell

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