Hello Everybody

Hi everybody. Sorry i haven’t written in ages. I hope this letter finds everyone well and happy.

Not much exciting and new to tell. The weather here is still odd. We have nice sunny days and then rainy cloudy ones. The temperature gets warmer and then it gets very cold again. We even had snow this week. It must have snowed about 10 times over this winter, that i noticed. So HA to all those who said it doesn’t snow in London. You just have to look out for it. Customers and fellow staff think I’m strange when I run otside all of a sudden and stand there with my mouth open. (trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue). everyone has a good laugh.

Tonight Richard and I are going up to Lincoln for the weekend to stay with some family friends that I haven’t seen since I was sixteen (am 24 on 15 May for those of you who have forgotten).

Woodhill Spa BunchWell a week and a half has passed since I started this letter. Our time in Lincoln was great. I felt very emotional and happy to see Jean and Hans again. We had a very relaxing weekend and the little village they live in is very pretty and peaceful. The train journey took about two hours, and was horrible on the way up. We got to the train station at 6:12pm to catch the 6:30 I asked Richard to look at the tickets to see exactly which train we were to go on. ‘What’s six ten doing on here?’ ‘WHAT?’ I replied. We’d got our times mixed up, or at least someone did, whether it was the person issuing them or us, not sure. Anyway, according to me at the time it was Richard’s fault. So.. we had to go and join the back of a very long cue to buy tickets. Richard joined one cue, I joined the other. Well we got our tickets changed to 6:30 at about 6;28, ran for the train, went to the end thinking there would be more spare seats. People were standing all squished near the door. The train started it’s journey and we discovered we were in the smoking car and had to stand for about 1 1/2 hours. We eventually got a seat in the non smoking compartment.

Licoln has a huge cathedral on the hill, which was lit up when we arrived. Jean and Hans met us on the platform and we all shared in a great big hug, except for Richard whom had never met them.

They live in a place called Woodhall Spa, which is about half an hours drive from Lincoln. A pretty place, with daffodils lining the road and lots of green space. ( is really a small village in the country).

On the Saturday we got taken for a nice drive around Woodhall Spa and a nearby village where we visited the market. I bought a pair of cheap slippers, some lemons to have with my hot water, and Richard bought socks (always putting his toes through them :)
Jeans daughter Lynne and her man Jim came over for drinks and dinner, and a very merry evening was had, so much we needed the next day to recover. For the whole weekend Richard spent every other spare minute giving everyone headaches and store stomachs by trying to play the piano. At least he was trying, and much hassling was done in good humour.

All in all, we had a great weekend and were both sad to say goodbye. We did however, leave with the good intention of visiting again sometime soon, which makes it so much easier.

At the moment Richard and I are planning our trip to Belgium and the Netherlands. A 10 day trip in total, probably 5 days in each country.

This weekend my Aunty is coming over from New Zealand, so we have got her to look forward to. 2 weeks in London, so hopefully we’ll get to go out and visit quite a bit. Some goodies are being sent over from home which i am also looking forward to. It will be nice to have some different items to wear etc.

Well not much else to tell. I better go, my lunch break is over and this has already taken me too long to write. Will have to get back to answering and sending some of those personal emails.

My love to all of you, all over the world, and I look forward to seeing you soon.


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