General Blah

I heard this quote, so Ill understand if noone can be bothered reading this email.

“The only interesting travel stories, are ones of disaster”

General BORING ramblings :-)

Ok. Geri and I are still living in the docklands. We went to some of Geri’s old friends from NZ in Woodhill Spa (Near Lincoln). Nice 50+ town, and has a PGA golf course there. Bought some socks, and Geri got some slippers. Got trollied on 3xPints of Home Brew, 4 Bottles of Wine and 3 Wiskeys. Got a Hangover on Sunday.

Oh Yea, I Found out I still like playing the panio. I also remineded myself that I never actually learnt how to read music (I read each note, memorise it, then learn the turn bar by bar)

Whoops, where are My Manners. Geri’s Friends are Hans and Jean, they moved to the UK to be with Jean’s Family eight years ago.

Yea, Jean and Hans have a panio. I was told to stop playing cos it gave everyone a headache (except Hans, cos he doesn’t get headaches…or hangoevers…barstard! ;-)

Ho Hum, another Tube strike in London, Luckly for me the DLR (docklands light rail) isn’t effected as much, and If I get up half an hour eariler I can take an alternative route to Work skipping out the tube all together (go via Lewisham). So yay, had to get up at 6:30am HOOO FUCKING RAY! :-)

Ok, work stuff. Ive been spending my spare time working on my web site (as you might have seen). The Managment here is COMPLETE PANTS! I mean, GOD, were been told information which we should have been told when we started (oops, in we I mean Alex, my Workmate, and I), four months ago!

Its taken Alex (Essex boy, funny, like a cross between dunken and craig. Sailor boy too. Its nice to be able to tell rottern jokes again). Whoops, bad grammer. lets start again.

Its taken Alex 4 weeks to get his contract so he can work in France cos work here is closing today. Where does that leave me? You know as much as I do. they are soooo unorganised.

Actually, the Boss here is seeing about my work permit for France. Yup. They want me to finish my contract in Cergy, France (1 Hour RER out of central Paris). But My recent exposier to there ineffecient management structure (extreamly hiracharical) has given me second thoughts (that and the fact that my flatmate has got a job doing computer stuff at 12.80 pounds / hour)

Geri went to the Library yesterday and rented some CDs. YAY! Catatonia, Tori Amos, and the Carpenters. She also made the yummiest tikka masala.

Er, yea. Cool, we are living in London, however we still have to shop, shit, shower and shave don’t we.

Added Bonus

WOOP! Geri and I are using a Eurostar deal (50 pounds return to Brussles each) to goto Belgium and the Netherlands from the 27th of April to the 4th of March. We are going to Visit Three Friends we meet on the Camino (Stijn from Ghent, and Dini and Nieska from Amsterdam – Sorry If I spelt your name wrong Nieska). As well as going to the flower festivals and seeing some windmills.


I still have my notes for my trip to Italy, so I suppose Ill see if I can write that up soon. Otherwise Visit my website twice a month to see whats up. [editor: no longer exists]

-Richard Maxwell

p.s. Since my brother is changing internet companies in NZ, my old website will be dissappearing soon. But don’t worry, all the stuff has already been moved to [editor: no longer exists]

old website: [editor: no longer exists]

P.p.s All my mass emails will be available on my new website (that is, when I put in the ability to retrieve them)

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